RSUD Annual Informational Meeting and Vote

RSUD Community Questionnaire (responses due by Sept. 4) HERE

Keith Szpulecki was appointed as interim board member, 9/1/20

Rochester Stockbridge Unified District Report, HERE

Australian Ballot Vote Instructions, HERE

August 4th Board Budget Presentation Video, HERE

June 23rd Board Budget Presentation Video, HERE

Revised Budget Warning, HERE

2018-19 Financial Audit, HERE

Interim School Board Director

The Rochester-Stockbridge Unified School District is looking for Stockbridge residents to fill a vacant position until the May 2021 Annual Meeting (Or until such time as the Board chooses to hold a special election.)
Interested candidates should review the following:
Legal role of the School Board
Essential Work of School Boards
Basics of Consensus Decision-Making
School Board Director Code of Ethics
The Board meets at least once a month, with our regular meeting being held at 6:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month. We try to accomplish our work using a consensus-based decision model, and while we do not require Directors to sign the VSBA Code of Ethics we do follow its model.
The Board intends to hold interviews with all interested and eligible candidates. Please email to schedule an appointment.

Informational Meeting Details

For anyone who would like to join the informational meeting by video, please reach out to the Rochester Stockbridge Board,
Amy Wildt
Carl Groppe
Ethan Bowen
Jenny Austin
Megan Payne


RSUD Co-Principals
Lindy Stetson,
Bonnie Bourne,

to request the meeting link.

Australian Ballot Budget Vote
At Stockbridge Town Office and Rochester High School.