One Planet Financial Assistance

It is very important to us that every child or every family that needs or wants to attend One Planet Afterschool or Summer Camp can!

If you are concerned you may not be able to afford our services here is what you do:

  1. Go to:  This walks your through the entire process.  If you have questions just ask your site coordinator!
  2. Complete the entire application making sure that you have completed the section on “Need For Care” and have attached all financial back-up (they will not process incomplete applications and they do not reach out to applicants so you should be in touch with them early and often)
  3. Get approved for a grant. Some are full others are partial but even if you get a partial grant we do not charge co-pays!
  4. If your application is denied for any reason bring that letter to your site coordinator and ask about a scholarship
  5. Scholarships are usually based on what you can afford.  A quick easy conversation and your child(ren) can usually be in the program as early as the following day (we need all the important information before we can officially register anybody)