Covid 19 Updates

August 7th Superintendent Update, Q&A, HERE

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July 31st Superintendent Update, HERE

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July 17th Superintendent Update Letter, HERE
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Questions and Answers, Submit Questions HERE

1) Will the schools still provide meals throughout the 20-21 school year?
Yes, we are prepared and expecting to provide nutritious meals to our students throughout 20-21.
2) Will we have in person instruction in the fall?
Yes, we are preparing for in person instruction across all of the WRVSU schools.
3) What will instructional schedules look like in the fall?
We are moving forward with plans to ensure all students are back in school daily this upcoming fall. The
actual instructional schedule may change, but those changes will be based on best practices and
recommendations from the WRVSU Covid-19 Task Force.
4) Will we be provided transportation services in the fall?
We are working with our contracted service provider to create procedures and plans that align to the
recommendations from the Agency of Education and Vermont Department of Health. I’m hopeful that we
will have transportation operations running in force throughout all of our districts in the fall.
5) Will there be regular updates throughout the summer specific to planning and preparation for the
Yes, you can expect regular communication throughout the summer. We will also notify everyone by no
later than August 1st if we need to adjust the WRVSU 20-21 school year calendar due to Covid-19 planning
and preparation.