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Updated Summer Camp Information.

Please read all this information before you register. Please keep in mind do not consider your register complete until your One Planet Summer Camp Director contacts you and confirms your registration is finalized.

Dear Parents/Guardians, Updated June 1, 2020

Thank you so much for your patience. The state and local administration has thoughtfully assessed our readiness level for operating in-person summer camps. We are pleased to announce that we will be operating One Planet Summer Camps. As you know, we will be following the Department of Health’s guidelines for summer camps, which will result in a number of adjustments to our program. We will be sending out more information to enrolled families, but we would like to highlight a few changes for you now: 

● In light of the isolation our students have been experiencing this spring, we know that our kids are hungry for social interaction and in need of decompression after a stressful spring. We believe One Planet’s primary focus needs to be creating a FUN environment where kids can have successful peer interaction, feel a sense of belonging and build confidence. Instead of weekly thematic programming as originally planned, our programming will be open ended, exploratory, play-based and student-centered. Kids will be given a lot of choice and voice. Our staff will help facilitate high-interest activity options from which kids can choose, as well as unstructured time for kids to connect with each other on their own terms. 

● We will be following many health and safety procedures including daily health screening, cleaning and disinfecting the spaces, limiting the number of people in a given space, not allowing visitors, having many designated hand-washing sessions a day and more. Staff and students will be asked to wear masks/buffs indoors, but we will be spending as much time as possible outside. In lieu of field trips, some sites will be developing weekly special events. 

● We view this summer as a transition period. Our weekly schedule will be adjusted to allow for kids and staff to transition slowly back into this “new world.” We will be operating all sites Monday through Thursday, 9-3pm, July 6 – August 6. This abbreviated schedule will also allow appropriate time for our staff to clean and disinfect their spaces thoroughly each day. We also view this summer as a great way to transition to school in the fall…. students and schools can practice these new procedures so we are better prepared for a safe reopening in September. 

● We will be using remaining 19-20 funds to subsidize our summer budget. We will allow families to decide what they can afford per week. Any amount $0-$75/week is acceptable. We strongly encourage families who qualify for childcare financial assistance through the state to re-apply. That funding is important to the continuation of our program. 

● Each of our sites has a limited number of slots. We have to keep our staff to student ratios low and limit the amount of rooms we access. Please register as soon as possible. The Site Coordinators will be in touch to confirm whether they have a spot for your child.

BETHEL: July 6 – August 6, Monday- Thursday, 9-3 pm

FIRST BRANCH: July 6 – August 6, Monday – Thursday, 9-3 pm

NEWTON: July 6 – August 6, Monday – Thursday, 9-3 pm

ROCKBRIDGE: July 6 – August 6, Monday- Thursday, 9-3 pm

ROYALTON: July 6 – August 6, Monday- Thursday, 9-3 pm

SHARON: July 6 – August 6, Monday- Thursday, 9-3 pm

The state has issued a document outlining the necessary and recommended health procedures for summer camps.  Please refer to it here:

SWIMMING LESSONS: We will not be offering swimming lessons this year due to lack of WSI instructors.

REGISTRATIONS: Please register at the following links for your site:








Opening: June 2nd, 2020

Ending: No Later than June 12, 2020. We encourage families to register online using links above.  If you need a hard copy of the enrollment forms, please contact your Site Director.


  1. Registration Forms must be complete.  Participants with incomplete forms will be put on a waiting list and parent/guardian will be notified.

2.  Due to our limited capacity, we ask that families who have enrolled attend regularly.  More than 2 unexcused absences may result in losing camp slots for your child(ren).

3. All parents must sign and return a Memorandum of Understanding prior to the first day of camp. Site Directors will mail these out after the child is enrolled.

COLD/FLU SYMPTOMS:  One Planet will have no tolerance for cold/flu symptoms including but not limited to runny nose, cough, fever, headache, body ache, etc.  If your child has an on-going cough or allergy symptoms unrelated to Covid-19, parents/guardians must provide a note from the doctor confirming this.  In addition, if your child has asthma or other respiratory conditions, we ask that you speak with your child’s physician prior to enrolling the child.  If you do choose to enroll your child, we must have a note from the doctor.

SWIMMING LESSONS: There will be no swimming lessons this summer due to lack of WSI instructors.

FEES: We just ask that families pay what they can afford.  There is a sliding fee scale from $0-$75/week.  

CHILDCARE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  If you families might qualify or has qualified in the past, we ask that you apply for childcare financial assistance through the state.  The current income eligibility guidelines are as follows: gross monthly income not to exceed $5,195 for 3 person family, $6275 for 4 person family, $7355 for 5 person family, $8435 for 6+ person family.To apply, parents/guardians must contact the Family Place at 802-649-3268 or go to

FOOD:  A healthy lunch and an afternoon snack will be provided each day. 

ITEMS TO BRING EACH DAY: Sunscreen & Hat, SNEAKERS, Bathing Suit & Towel, Water Bottle, Extra T-Shirts & Shorts, Reading Book, Bag Lunch (only if your child does not want served lunch).

ADMINISTRATION: The on-site camp directors are:

BETHEL: Amy Gray, & Steph Russ,

FIRST BRANCH: Lindsey Cole, & Leila LaRosa,

NEWTON: Kiersten Harlow,

ROCKBRIDGE: Blythe Bates,

SHARON: Jackson Howe,


One Planet Program Director: Carrie McDonnell,

One Planet Assistant Director: Wendy Bordeau,

DROP OFF & PICK UP:  We will be in touch about this.  We will be scheduling a staggered drop off and pick up schedule, so families are waiting in line to do the screening.  Likely times will be 8:40, 8:50, 9:00am for morning drop off.  Afternoon pick up will likely be 3:00, 3:10, 3:20pm.  More information coming

TRANSPORTATION:  We are waiting to hear if Butlers can provide home to program transportation.  If this is a need for your families, please let your Site Directors know.

HEALTH SCREENING:  We will be conducting a health screening each morning.  Site Directors will send home a letter about “What to expect on the first day”, so you can talk to your child ahead of time.

STUDENT BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS:  For the safety of all our students, we will be encouraging students to respect physical distancing rules.  If a student repeatedly and intentionally discards this rule, we may have to ask him or her to take a break from the program.


8:40-9:10 Staggered Drop Off

9:10-9:30 Morning Meeting & Breakfast

9:30-10:30 Daily Choice Board

10:30-11:00 Snack

11:00-12:00 Daily Choice Board

12:00-1:00 Free Time & Lunch

1:00-2:15 Academic Themed Games & Challenges*

2:15-2:30 Snack

2:30-3:00 Free Time*

3:00-3:30 Staggered Pick Up Time

*On Thursday afternoons, staff and students will design and implement fun special events, such as field day events, water fights, local hikes, talent expos, etc.


Carrie McDonnell – Program Director – 802-763-3875 ext. 4

Wendy Bordeau – Assistant Directior – 802-763-3875 ext. 5

Amy Gray – Bethel Site Coordinator – 802-234-6607

Blythe Bates – Stockbridge Site Coordinator – 802-234-9248

Jackson Howe – Sharon Site Coordinator – 802-763-7425

Jola Labejsza – Rochester Site Coordinator – 802-767-3161

Kiersten Harlow – Newton Site Coordinator – 802-765-4351

Leila LaRosa – Chelsea Site Coordinator – 802-685-4551

Lindsey Cole – Tunbridge Site Coordinator – 802-889-3310

Tara Tucker – South Royalton Site Coordinator – 802-236-4882