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This is a place where we’ll post helpful tech information.  (The page will look better as time goes on).

Please note that the documents below are for staff and students of the White River Valley SU. You’ll need to be signed in with your …@wrvsu.org account to access them.

Submit a HelpDesk ticket (assuming that you didn’t find an answer in the documentation below)     😉

Who do I contact for tech support?

Tech Tips o’ the Week

Integration Tips o’ the Week

2017 Spring & Summer Courses, Workshops, & Conferences


eMail Etiquette

Printing Costs


How to work with gDrive offline

How to forward email and notify senders of your address change

Setting a gMail Signature on computer

Setting a gMail Signature on a phone 

A few GMail settings that you may be interested in

Migrating GMail between domains

Migrating other files between domains

Advantages of Google Apps for Education (GAfE)

Clearing out old contacts

Creating a personal contact group (mailing list)

Google Groups

Managing Browser Pop-ups

How to Report a Phishing Scam

What to Do if Your GSfE Account Gets Locked

How to Clear Browser Cache

For Administrative Assistants only:  Adding and removing gGroup members


Building a Blog



Problem-Solving through Coding Fun



Student Response Systems (SRSs)



Improving Writing with GSfE




Choice Eliminator 2 Basics (Add-on for gForms) Link to video tutorial